Attention all nature enthusiasts!

If you love learning about nature, things in nature, and being surrounded by nature, the Nature Camp program is for YOU! We have a lot of exciting things planned as we start the new Nature Camp programs in 2020.

Social Distancing Quidelines will effect some of the Nature Camp programs.  There will be extensive sanitizing as well as possible class size limits with date and time changes. With the increase cost of complying with the guidelines for volunteers, staff and our visitors, the cost for Nature Camp has an additional increase of $2.00 per class and camper.  Forms and some small requirements will be implemented for the parents agreement.  The forms will be made available at the time of sign up as well as the guidelines to be followed by campers and parents/guardians.

How the nature camp program works 

You may sign up to attend any or all of the programs that we will be offering during the  2020.  The 9:00am-1130pm will be our younger campers 7-10 years of age and 1:00pm-330pm the  11-13 years of age.  Specific dates may be found by clicking here.  If you are a Junior Naturalist each program that you attend, you will receive one credit toward your Junior Naturalist status. After you receive twelve credits, you are officially considered a Junior Naturalist.

For more information email .  Camp size is limited to 20 campers per time, so be sure to schedule before camp fills up.

Nature Camp programs are recommended for ages 7-13, however, children younger than 7 and older than 13 will be considered if class size is not filled, because of the age difference and program material  children younger than 6 may not enjoy the programs. 

Is there a cost to attend?

All Nature Camp programs are offered to the community at no charge. However, it is requested a $8.00 donation be given per child per class session to be able to continue Joe's wish of offering  nature-related programs to our community.  There is a $10 registration fee and the event form filled out before a spot will be reserved.   The fee will be applied to the child's cost if they attend, however if the child fails to show for any of the signed up events that fee is non-refundable.  

Sign me up!

We recommend registration for each Nature Camp program so that we may prepare for the number of children that will be attending. Some programs may include crafts or activities that require preparation of materials and we want to be sure everyone can participate. You may register by filling out the form to the right or by contacting Deborah at (270) 344-0596 or Some crafts or projects could include items such as peanut butter, so if you have any allergy concerns, please specify when registering.



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