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I am sitting hear marveling at the quiet that has enveloped our community.  On a typical day I could hear numerous sounds of  traffic such as: school buses, semi trucks, multi passenger vehicles and day to day work activity.  A new lifestyle is upon us for a period of time and we should take advantage of this.  While the pace has slowed, take time to appreciate what does not seem to be effected by the virus.
The birds know its spring and are very busy, such as the tufted titmouse singing Peter, Peter, Peter and woodpeckers drumming as part of their Spring courtship.  Robins are busy building nest and singing at the crack of dawn and the ducks are in flight.   From the March rains the retention basin near my home has water, which gives an opportunity for the mallard who returns every year, to spend some time before it takes flight.  We will say goodbye to the Dark eyed Juncos because they will leave during the warmer seasons but never fear they will return late fall.   Due to reduced traffic noise and during a late evening visit to the Center I noticed the deer where feeding near the building as well as a visiting rabbit. 
During the warmer sunnier days families are learning to appreciate the time outdoors and are finding ways to occupy their children and themselves.  The sunshine brightens everyone's mood and encourages people to get outside and away from the constant virus updates.  Stress will cause a lot of negative so for a peace of mind and protection of your immune system try only once a day to catch upon important information and try visiting nature because it has a way of calming the mind and soul.  Recently, since all activity came to a screeching halt, myself and several others took a hiking trip (yes we used our social distancing ) to Hemlock Cliffs.  The hike was great, some of the trail were a little strenuous but from all the recent rain the waterfalls and creeks played their melodious gurgling bubbling sound and for 21/2 hours the world's problems ceased to exist. 
The event on  March 28 "All About Birds" was cancelled and that was a disappointment, because we had great people bringing their talents and knowledge to educate and entertain the public.  This was a fundraiser for the Joe Ford Nature Center and this setback is detrimental for non-profits.  I am asking if you had intentions of coming to the event please give consideration to make a donation.  What most people don't realize if multiple donations of $5 were given to their favorite non-profit that impact could amount to a significant amount of dollars.  My challenge is to the Messenger Inquirer and Nature Note readers to give a small donation to your special non-profit.  If you would like to give to the Nature Center make checks payable to Joe Ford Nature Center -2407 Ford Avenue Owensboro 42301 and  credit cards will be accepted for amounts over $15.00.
Until we can get back to the hustle and bustle, make time to take advantage of the slow pace, spend more time with loved ones, enjoy the pure beauty and simplicity of nature and what  it brings to life.  Remember you went to bed and woke up to a different environment, so this is a reminder to humans, life can change without notice.  My prayer for all my readers is take care of yourself,  bless someone and life as we know it will resume when all this passes.  God Bless to all and stay safe.