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Recently an individual with "1895 Film" production company in California contacted the Joe Ford Nature Center in regards to paranormal experiences and requested information in regards to Joe Ford's writings and interviews on the paranormal.   Joe's book "Haunts to Hookers" and CD addresses some areas of interest and are currently being reviewed, however one fact remains and it is said repeatedly in the writings "There are many tales of ghost and supernatural events that may, or may not be true.  Persons telling these stories believe them to be factual, and perhaps they are."  Joe goes on to say" that he had never experienced or seen a ghost but does love to tell a good ghost story and also states some things that appear to be supernatural can be easily explained as a natural occurrence or highly overactive imagination". 
When the word supernatural is heard or read the mind tends to go into the idea of ghosts, hauntings and UFO's,however the Bible has positive supernatural experiences involving the miracles that Jesus performed.  In other words supernatural would be something that is not caused by nature but rather above the laws of the physical world and nature rules.   The electronic age, if introduced today to the Aborigines in the outback, who have only known what is of nature would possibly see a cell phone as a supernatural being or consider fire how freighting it may have been when first discovered and before it was harnessed.  These types of actions would be something that is not familiar and could be considered supernatural because it had never been witnessed, explained, or experienced. 
One popular supernatural being that has had a lot of popularity would be "Bell Witch of 1817 ", when John Bell witnessed the apparition of a strange creature resembling a dog.  Once this particular event started, numerous appearances began to form around the household.  These unnatural events concerning Bell Witch have gone unexplained but with any urban legend it lives on longer than the actual time of occurrences.  Could this have been a nature occurrence that had been mistaken for a supernatural event or possibly a vivid imagination that grew into hysteria?
Let's look at several nature occurring examples starting with the "foxfire" known as fairy fire created by fungi found on decaying wood. This act of nature emits a bluish-green glow created by a reaction to a "luciferin" or light emitting compound, a property similar to the glow found in fireflies. This phenomenon had been considered mystical until 1823 when the source was determined as a natural occurrence.  "Saint Elmo's Fire" is another nature phenomenon that occurs as a electrical discharge over the ocean during a thunderstorm when striking a sharp pointed object then creating static electricity.  However before this event was identified  sailors considered this a religious omen and the same act of nature can also occur on aircraft creating a glowing streak that could be mistaken as a UFO. 
One other natural occurrence that can actually resemble a ghost is the "Will O the Wisp" found near swamps, marshes or any wet ground.  This action of nature results when methane gas comes up from the wet surroundings and ignites as it comes in contact with the air.  Without seeing this nature event, being in a swamp or marsh, let alone a cemetery on a cold damp night would be enough to give me the "willies". 
It seems Joe is a legend in his own right if a production company from California has heard of him but as Joe may say one good ghost story always leads to another.