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Water, water, everywhere.   The recent flooding has crept way out of the Ohio River Banks and the creeks.  Unfortunately when the flooding begins it also carries all the pollution that has been discarded along natures landscape.  Styrofoam, plastic bottles, McDonald cups, tires, trash and more trash is floating and will either continue down the river or line the banks.
This is a very big problem for nature and with the carelessness of casting that cup out of the car window, leaving trash on the river banks, or while visiting Smothers Park throwing trash on the ground, all this will eventually make its way to the water.  For some people this is no big deal to trash the earth, but to the wildlife that lives in the woods or swims in the water it is. 

Litter does not disintegrate fast and is very harmful to wildlife, broken glass can cut the feet of any animal that may walk over it, any open container can become a trap for animals that maybe attracted to the food that is inside, the plastic coke rings can ensnare birds and fish, and the discarded food is not meant for animals to eat.  Wild animals eating human food either can't digest it properly or they become dependent on the feedings and will lose the desire to hunt and because of the carelessness of tourist and their desires to feed birds, it is common to see large flocks of seagulls circling outdoor beach cafes. 
An average American produces 4.3 pounds of trash a day and if that person choses to pollute even one pound that would be 365 pounds a year going into the water ways and ground.  If the effects to wildlife doesn't stir your heart strings then think about your water consumption because trash can affect groundwater quality. The illegal roadside dumping may contain toxic pollutants that seep into the ground water and create major quality risks.
It is everyone's responsibility to "Keep America Clean", not just the environmentalist or naturalist, but average everyday citizen.  The Joe Ford Nature Center participates in the Trash for Cash and will need volunteers to helps us complete the project.  If you have a desire to help keep the roadsides free of trash and in turn help a nonprofit Nature Center then please contact the Nature Center for the date and time.  Otherwise do your part within your neighborhood, for exercise I take a daily walk and I see trash everywhere, from the careless tossing of beer and soft drink  cans and fast food bags.  I know this new idea in society is "it's not my trash why should I pick it up" and I will give you an answer because toxic pollution kills man and animals.  If you want clean water to drink, swim in clear water, eat fish from lakes and stream, and hunt wild game to eat, then help "Keep American Clean" it all depends on our conscious efforts to pick up trash.
Spring is almost here and the Joe Ford Nature Center will be having a yard and craft sale in May but with a different twist.  The Center is not asking for donated items but is offering yard sale space at the cost of $25 which includes advertising with tables available for additional cost of $5, this is for you to sale your craft or other household items. Large crowds always attend the sale so this will be a good fund raiser for both the Center and yourself.   For more information contact the Joe Ford Nature Center by email or phone and reserve your space for the May sale.