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Walking trails are  open for your enjoyment 365 days a year during daylight hours.

Did you know getting outdoors is good for you?  The outside is beneficial on the health of the body but also on the social and mental aspect.  I can remember as a child the time spent outdoors was far greater than inside, since the introduction of air conditioning there are fewer home being built with front porches but years ago porches were the social mecca, people would take walks in the evening and visit with whomever may be sitting outside.  Today the garage door raises and people go indoors, barely knowing their neighbors and spending their recreation time watching their electronics.  The research firm YouGov did a survey and 22 hours is the average number that Americans spend indoors, if only Americans would venture outdoors their moods, sleep and productivity would be better.  I had to chuckle because on a fairly moderate summer day I went into a building and the person said to me " you are not saying it's hot like everyone else" my reply was "it's not".  I spend a significant amount of time outside away from air conditioning and I wonder can staying in an air condition environment be deterrent on how the body responds to heat.
There are a number of inexpensive ways to enjoy nature and the outdoors,  go camping because staying indoors around lights and electronics throws your internal clock off but your body can reset after two days of sleeping outside.  Reading a booking outside in a quiet solitude and surrounded by nature is good for you so at least once a week find a nice reading habitat and if you can get 3 or more hours of reading time, it may help you live longer.  Being outside and listening to nature can be a form of meditation and can relieve stress but add yoga into the mix and you may be surprised how in tune you will become with the sounds and feel of nature.  In today's mad pace world we tend to forget that the simple things can make us happier such as bird watching or breathing in the fragrant aroma of flowers and smells can trigger memories and it allows us to reflect on simpler more happier times. I know if I spend time around water I am less stressed, so take the day and visit a river or lake or better yet go on a beach vacation.  
I know there are those who may have aversions to being outside, such as you don't like to sweat but sweating is good for the body,  because it can rid the body of toxins such as alcohol, cholesterol and salt. Sweating can regulate the body temperature and while outdoors can prevent overheating and if you are a kidney stone sufferer sweating will  rid the body of salt and calcium that forms the stones and plus you will drink more water, which is the agent that helps stone prevention.  There can be other forms of nature that can create a less pleasant experience but if you are prepared and cautious you can avoid things like ticks and poison ivy.  Remember "3 leaves let it be" should be the motto in identifying poison ivy but if you come in contact wash your skin with lukewarm soapy water and ticks may go unnoticed until later but with tweezers and upward pull this will remove the tick and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol or soapy water.  Remember any health changes after coming in contact with nature should be seen and cared for by a physician.  Forget the sweating, all it takes is 30 minutes a day spent outside in the warm sunshine to help elevate the mood.
Volunteering at the Joe Ford Nature Center can also be good for your health.  Did you know people giving back to the community toward a good cause were healthier than someone who was 5 years younger?  Chris and Ben from US Bank came to the Center and volunteered for a day, they have desk jobs and said "they felt good when they do outside work and that it creates a sense of accomplishment", plus they did sweat out a lot of toxins.  Take that time to get outside, volunteer, or take a walk and visit with neighbors, you may be surprised at the way you feel and if you do it regularly you create endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body, so give it a try let nature be good for your mind, body and soul.