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Thursday was the United States National Holiday- Thanksgiving, which was originally called harvest festival.    During that day many families gathered to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, eat a meal, take a nap and watch football but did they take pause and recognize what they have to be thankful for.  In the 16th century the first documented Thanksgiving was first recognized by the Spaniards and French in the territories that now belong to the United States and in 1607 the Commonwealth of Virginia made this a yearly gathering of thanking God for their blessings and showing gratitude, sharing and giving to each other.
Nature played a great role in the survival of the early colonist and the natives that lived in the New England area.  All summer long there was never want because nature supplied plenty of fruits, fish and fowl, but  the colonist knew during the long cold winter that survival would depend on how well they prepared their harvest and nothing was taken for granted because all the bounty was recognized as God's blessing.  The harvest festival meal consisted of fowl, deer, corn, nuts, mussels, lobsters, grapes, plums, and herbs these were the foods that nature supplied and would be eaten during the long winter and not the elaborate meal that is eaten during the 21st century Thanksgiving. 
Moving forward to the 21st century and how nature supplies man with a Thanksgiving meal of turkey, mash potatoes, yams, cranberries, stuffing and numerous pies but there is wastefulness with an expected amount of about 200 million pounds of turkey being thrown away.   Typically all year long in the United States 40 percent of food goes to waste and it can be said the natural resources that goes into preparing food is also being wasted.  When we waste food there are other resources that gets wasted such as water, energy, environment and land because the food that will go to a landfill will produce methane gas that becomes a greenhouse gas.  Man could show thankfulness to Nature by considering to reduce food wastefulness by preparing smaller amounts of food, only buy what is needed and resist the temptation to buy in bulk, and freeze leftover food for later meals.   If you can’t prevent, reduce, or donate wasted food, you can compost and in turn create a healthy soil.
Not only on Thanksgiving but always be thankful for the freedom that we experience and the blessings that have been bestowed upon our country but keep in mind in order to have the bounty we must respect and protect what has been given.  The United States would not be what it is if not for the early colonist  who cared for the land and people, respecting and preserving Nature but most of  all their recognizing and thanking God for his love, protection and blessings.  A thankful heart and spirit has lasting positive effects but selfishness, greed and hatred will not sustain but only destroy.  With the upcoming festivities of parties and food consider instead of napping, going outside and breathe the fresh air, look at the blue sky or the starry night, listen to the nature sounds and thank God for his creation.